Accelerate your emotions!

Are you thinking of trying an extreme sport? Is the adrenaline rush already part of your lifestyle?

We’re giving you the opportunity to go on thrilling adventures, accompanied by highly trained and passionate professionals.

We guarantee to get your blood pumping, so choose your adventure: skydiving, paragliding, paramotoring, hot air ballooning, rafting, bungee jumping, canyoning or via ferrata.

You can also join us on our survival courses with one of Romania`s most experienced sportsmen.

No matter your adventure sport of choice, you can try it out with us. We can promise experienced instructors, the safest routes and, most importantly, lots of fun and adrenaline.

Paragliding tours

There’s no secret about it: of all the activities we engage in, free flight is the one that’s changed our lifestyle. If you’re a paraglider pilot, then you know exactly what we mean.

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Group activities

Whether you’re a group of old friends, colleagues or former schoolmates, we have a whole bunch of activities ready for you to take on and enjoy together.  You can choose to go mountain hiking, rafting or kayaking, canyoning, cycling, climbing or flying.

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Salturi cu parasuta in tandem

All you need is a pilot license. If you don't have your own flight equipment, we will borrow you one, taking into account your experience and knowledge.

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Zbor cu parapanta

You can't compare free flying with anything. Enjoy full freedom and the whistle of wind in your ears! You will do this along with an experienced instructor pilot.

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zbor cu balonul
Hot air ballooning

Flying wiht hot air balloon is quite different, which allows you to "wind yourself". And the sensations you will experience can not be expressed in words. Another horizon and a completely different atmosphere.

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Paramotor is the generic name for the harness and propulsive portion of a powered paraglider ("PPG"). Paramotor flying can be practiced basically anywhere: hill area, mountain and flatland. Let's take your dose of adrenaline!

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Canyoning Romania

Canyoning is a very special activity that uses a wide variety of outdoor techniques such as jumping, mountaineering, boating or swimming and requiring a lot of energy. Come and see places you have not imagined that you can go through!

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daniel pisica
Survival lessons

Learn from the best! Test your strength and abilities during an intensive course in a survival camp. Daniel Pisica will be your mentor, from which you will learn much more than the basic rules! Don't you know who is Daniel Pisica?

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Via ferrata
Via ferrata

Via ferrata is nothing but tracks through rocky areas provided with cables, stairs and metal bridges. You have no reason to worry about falling because you are insured for the entire duration of the route!

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Rafting and whitewater rafting are outdoor water sports and involve descent on fast mountain rivers with pneumatic boats in teams up to 12 people. Discover the adventure with us!

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bungee jumping
Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping is one of the most spectacular extreme sports: an empty fall from a height of tens of meters. Maximum amount of adrenaline in no time!

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