Bungee jumping

bungee jumping romania

The essence of adrenaline: tens of meters of free fall

Bungee jumping is one of the most spectacular extreme sports: an empty fall from a height of tens of meters, the practitioner being secured with an elastic rope fastened to the ankles.
The first bungee jumps in modern form took place in April 1979 in Bristol. The "bungee jumping" initiator is New Zealand's Alan John Hackett, who patented him in 1986. The highest jumping bungee jump took place in December 2006 on the Macau Tower in China at a height of 233 meters.
In Romania, the first jumps took place in Bucharest, in the Herastrau Park, from a height of 60 m, the launching point being a crane. The most spectacular place to practice rope jumping in the country is in Cheile Rasnoavei, from 140 m height, the 4th place in Europe. The highest bungee jumping center in Romania is the Vidraru Dam at 166 m height.

The practitioner jumps from a tall structure tens of meters, being secured with an elastic string attached to the ankles. The structure is often a fixed object: a building, a bridge or a crane, but also hot-air or helicopter jump.

Jumps are carried out in maximum safety conditions, in the case of breakage of special leggings, the assurance is taken over by a second system consisting of a harness and a vest, linked together by a string. Required equipment includes elastic cord and harness.
The particular feeling comes from the bounce and the rebound. When the jump is done, the rope extends and the jumper is pulled up and down due to the elasticity of the string until the total energy dissipation generated by the initial bounce is discharged.
The bungee jumping adrenaline dose is so great that, often, those who have jumped are not limited to a bounce, but come back to repeat the experience whenever they have the opportunity.

All our activities are conducted under the supervision of or accompanied by our teams of highly trained professionals – certified pilots, instructors or guides.

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