Canyoning Romania

Burn your energy with outdoor techniques such as jumping, climbing, booster and swimming!

Canyoning or canyoning is a relatively new sport, practiced more and more in Romania. More adventure than an extreme sport, canyoning is a very special activity that uses a variety of outdoor techniques such as jumping, mountaineering, boating or swimming and requiring a lot of energy.

Lowering canyons actually means going down the water line down to the end of the canyon, so in one sense. Thus, in the course of a canyon can be found waterfalls to be descended on the rope, marmite where to swim, climbing jumpers, fast-passing streams passing through tyrol, salt-water basins, to which we can add cave passages or swim in apnea. It results in a sport that brings together elements of climbing, caving, swimming, everything went to the extreme.

The required equipment includes helmet, booster cords - when the area is not suitable for jumping or lowering, neoprene suit for thermal comfort and special shoes for stones. Practicing involves prior learning to learn the specific techniques and reflexes required.
The attraction of canyoning comes mainly from the beauty of landscapes, their variety and the apparent ease with which they can be practiced.
The difficulty level of canoes can range from very easy to very difficult, and the focus in this sport is rather on landscape and adventure, and less on the difficulty level. There is a wide variety of canyoning routes so that sport can be practiced by people of any age or training.

Practicing with leisure, without having all the necessary knowledge, must be done with instructors trained in this field and on light and properly arranged trails.

All our activities are conducted under the supervision of or accompanied by our teams of highly trained professionals – certified pilots, instructors or guides.

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