Paragliding tours

There’s no secret about it: of all the activities we engage in, free flight is the one that’s changed our lifestyle. If you’re a paraglider pilot, then you know exactly what we mean. From staring at the sky through the office window or the careful planning of a few days’ flight trip, to neglecting daily chores in favour of flight related ones, we have gradually become dependent on flight. We get restless if two weeks pass without flying and we get high on a turbulent thermal.

If all this sounds familiar, join us on one of our paragliding tours. We will show you Romania’s most spectacular flight zones, we will be thermalling together, go on long distance flights and, at the end of the day, enjoy a cold beer by the campfire.

All you have to do is to be a licensed pilot. If you can’t bring your own equipment, we will lend you one, suited to your paragliding knowledge and experience.

We will cover all logistical aspects (ride back to launch zone, accommodation, meals), so that you can focus on achieving one thing: the best flight of your life.


All our activities are conducted under the supervision of or accompanied by our teams of highly trained professionals – certified pilots, instructors or guides.

For additional information, prices and reservations, contact us!