Rafting and whitewater rafting

Face the fury of water, along with your team!

Rafting and whitewater rafting are outdoor water sports involving downhill rafting on high-speed mountain boats with pneumatic boats in teams up to 12 people.

As the crew has to coordinate their movements to overcome the risks and obstacles, teamwork is essential and is one of the attractions of this sport.

The name derives from the inflatable rafts first used by the US Army. These boats can be used in almost any condition and can overcome any obstacle. Sport became popular in the mid-1970s.
The equipment consists of a pneumatic boat, a full neoprene suit, a helmet, a life jacket and a paddle.
There are 6 difficulty levels of rivers (rafting routes). Thus, practicing rafting can be done by both beginners and experienced people, and can be considered an extreme sport for very difficult rivers.
In our country it can be practiced on the rivers Bistrita, Jiu, Mures, Somes, Crisuri, Nera, Cerna, Aries, Buzau etc, with varying degrees of difficulty

All our activities are conducted under the supervision of or accompanied by our teams of highly trained professionals – certified pilots, instructors or guides.

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