Hot air ballooning

zbor cu balonul

A hot air balloon flight is an exceptional experience

A hot air balloon flight is an exceptional experience: it gives you a bird’s eye-view to admire never-ending fairytale landscapes, while gently drifting with the wind.

The hot air balloon is the oldest successful flying technology, as the first free flight took place in Paris, in 1783. The modern history of ballooning began in the 1950-1960s, when American Ed Yost was the first person to fly a new model, much like the ones used today.

In Romania, the modern history of balloons started in 1998, when the first hot air balloon was officially registered.

Hot air balloons work on a basic principle: the hot air inside the balloon is less dense, hence lighter, than the outside cold air, which makes it rise. As the air inside the envelope (fabric) of the balloon is heated, it continues to rise until the inside temperature almost equals that of the outside air. As the inside temperature drops, the balloon starts a slow descent. The passengers and pilot stand inside a basket, that usually also contains the heat source, usually a burner.

Nowadays, hot air balloons are most commonly used for recreational flights.

For those looking for adventure, or just plain curious, there are no age restrictions, as hot air ballooning is an extremely safe activity. The flight can reach heights from 0 to 2000 meters and the launch and landing are smooth and pleasant. The best times for balloon flights are at dawn or before sunset, when the air is cool, with lighter winds, and the views are spectacular.

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