Zbor cu parapanta

Paragliding is all about peace and quiet

Paragliding resembles no other types of flight. You get to enjoy a feeling of complete freedom, accompanied only by the whistle of the wind in your ears.

For recreational flights, a tandem paraglider, specifically designed for two people, is used – while the instructor is piloting the wing, the passenger simply enjoys the pleasure of the free flight. Both the pilot and the passenger have their own safety system.

For a paraglider tandem flight there are no age restrictions and no need for special training, however, a basic fitness level is needed for the launch (some light running is required). All you have to do is follow the pilot’s instructions. Paragliding is about peace and quiet and can be enjoyed for hours.

Upon request, the pilot may demonstrate some acrobatic techniques or you can pilot the paraglider yourself. For the  will be provided Certified equipment (wing, harness, reserve parachute and helmet) and you will be flying with a highly experienced certified pilot.


If the tandem flight has convinced you to take up the sport, you can join our paragliding lessons. The course is divided in two parts: a theoretical and a practical one, and is available for anyone over the age of 14.

All our activities are conducted under the supervision of or accompanied by our teams of highly trained professionals – certified pilots, instructors or guides.

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